Hello there.
We are a creative digital
video agency.


Brainstorm CrossMedia helps companies and brands translate their ideas into one-of-a-kind videos.

From consulting and concept development through production and post, we help tell stories across all media, platforms and screen sizes.


The greatness from our products doesn’t come only from our skills, but also from the people that we work with. They stand behind brands that value quality above all.


We know you like pretty graphics and well executed videos. Who doesn’t? We got you covered though. Check our latest projects or visit the showcase section for more.


We have a couple of lines about ourselves. Let’s not be strangers anymore. Drop us a line, we’re really chatty.

Sebastian Sander Calundan


Originating from North of the Limfjord and having previously worked as a firefighter, Sebastian has the hard-working heart of a viking. Through an extensive amount of years in the video industry he has also developed a keen eye for visual communication in live-action and animated film.

Stine Johansen


Spending most of her childhood in crooked houses in the open fields of Denmark, Stine searches for equally irregular stories to tell. Combining an eye for visual aesthetics with a passion for the technical execution of 2D and 3D productions, Stine embraces the film medium whole-heartedly.

Claudiu Sergiu Danaila


Growing up in the mountains of Romania, Claudiu always looks towards the horizon. This led him to Denmark where he succeeded in his greatest achievement as of yet - pronouncing the Danish expression “rødgrød med fløde” correctly. His designs are equally as adventurous - give him a digital screen anywhere, and he’ll design for it.

Let's start a new project together!

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